Mode of Payment

Since cannabis extracts are illegal in most countries due to the influence of greedy pharma companies and public misgivings, we dispatch via undetectable stealth shipping and only accept payments through crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin so as to protect ourselves as well as our clients from future legal nightmares. This is the same reason why we are unable to accept most of the traditional modes of payment.

Due to the discreet nature of shipping and our inability to accept traditional modes of payments, we recommend more secure and robust payment solutions like crypto-currencies like Bitcoins.

If you are not familiar with Bitcoins, you can have a quick look at here for further understanding:-

You can buy bitcoins from here through bank transfer :-


(Clients may also acquire Bitcoins from any trusted source other than our recommended choices as its entirely based on our client’s personal preferences and trust levels).

You can purchase Bitcoins via quickly and securely by linking your bank or credit/debit cards.

Once you click on ‘Place Order’ button during the purchase procedure, you will be redirected to Payment Processing page where you can find QR code(for mobile payments), payment address and specific amount in bitcoin based on LIVE conversion rates. You will have 15 minutes to send bitcoins to the given address (same as BitPay), fail to do so will treat the order as lapsed. Since internal payment address links are generated based on geo-location tracking and each order is accompanied by a vendor hash callback url {periodically checking back the addition of specified amount} will get auto timed-out [at back-end] after 15 minutes and mark the order as lapsed internally. Any bitcoin send to the internal wallet address without associating with vendor callback url will be placed on hold in payment processor hot wallet with 2-of-3 smart multi-signature bitcoin contract as added security for a period of no less than 90 days. During this period neither seller nor buyer will have access to the payment amount. Please watch the following short Youtube Tutorial to send bitcoins to a receiver on :-