For many years, i had been going through poor health conditions such as constant head aches and blurred vision  from an automobile accident. I sought treatment in multiple super specialty hospitals but the only outcome was my bank balance going south.Then I heard about Rick Simpson Oil and  have been using  for almost 1 month and have had remarkable improvement. Thnx

A.Brayden, United Kingdom

I have been suffering from advanced arthritis and continuous muscle and nerve spasms. During the initial five years of my diagnosis I was given over 50 different pharmaceutical medications. None of them worked to control my pain and spasms, but nearly all of them had debilitating side effects like increased panic attacks.I have been using Rick Simpson Oil in small amounts,for almost two months and it works.    I am using it  several times a day. My friend Donna is also using it for her Diabetes . We both experience drastic improvements and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


 L. Clara, Spain

I’m N.Butholezwe from South Africa. I came to know about RSO Knight Team through a forum that i frequented and i ordered a 180 gram package for my mother as she had already went through Chemotherapy. Initially she started out with very small quantities and within a month she was able to systematically increase her intake. WIthin 2 months, doctor said that colon cancer proliferation reduced drastically. She is still taking RickSimpson Oil that you sent, and i can see with my own eyes how well she is improving. I want to thank you for saving my mom’s life.


N.Butholezwe, South Africa

Very professional and discreet shipping…highly recommended

R. Vinayak , India

My family and I want to thank you for helping my husband to get better. The doctor felt that he had old age Leukemia, showing up in his blood test as a cancerous infection. After taking Rick Simpson  Oil for just a few weeks his new blood test showed great improvement. There is just light infection and he no longer needs to see an oncologist. He is now enjoying our new grandson and at age 82 is planning to be with us for a long time to come.
Thank you again, may God bless you and keep you well.


Tina Sullivan, Ireland

After taking your Oil, my father’s condition keeps improving slightly everyday. Joy is back at our home. Although your medicine is bit expensive but its worth 110%.

W. Jedidah, Israel

I’m here to thank RSO Knight team on behalf of my mom who  is completely cancer free from her January 7th Diagnosis of small cell lung cancer (the fast incurable one). She looks great and it’s gone, of course they say it will come back, can’t blame em, that’s all they know…But with this cancer the oncologist even said, he has never seen reduction this fast to zero ever before. Also i want to add that the shipping was swift and came intact. Thanks again.


K.Chongrak, Thailand

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