Shipping Info

Shipping Options & Tracking Number

We currently ship Rick Simpson Oil worldwide to about 174 countries globally including USA, European Countries, UK, Australia, Canada and Asian countries. Due to the influence of greedy pharma companies and public misgivings, most countries got adverse rules and regulations against cannabis related products. This compel us to ship the Oil to our buyers in the most discreet way so that the package can reach them safely. We carefully pack the Oil content and ensure that the package is shatter-proof and spill-proof.

Stealth Shipping

Our package team perfected the package processing procedure, well packed with top-notch stealth. Once you receive the package, you need to locate the second-most compartment from left within the wraps to access the oil vial again reinforced with stealth wraps. We also like to inform you that package will be bit heavy with all the stealth components inside and won’t fit into a regular mail box. Our package process is refined and efficient to stay under the radar during customs scans.

Following are the Shipping & Delivery options based on your requirements you can choose from :-

1. Standard Mail — No Tracking — Est. Delivery Time : 3 to 8 weeks

2. First Class Mail — With Tracking — Est. Delivery Time : 1 to 6 weeks

3. Priority Mail — With Tracking — Est. Delivery Time : 17 to 28 business days

4. Express Mail — With Tracking — Est. Delivery Time : 3 to 5 business days

Tracking Number :-
We will try to ship the oil quickly once you clear the payment from your side so that you can start to consume Rick Simpson oil as early as possible. You will be getting a tracking Number under normal circumstances once we ship the package so that you can track your package in real time.

Rick Simpson oil enables a comprehensive, body-wide healing process, boosting melatonin levels to thousands of times above the normal level.The pineal gland in the brain is responsible for producing melatonin. When this gland produces enormous amounts of it, it is harmless for your body but gives a tough time to cancer, which is why it is quite effective in eliminating it.

Using the Rick Simpson oil increases your body’s PH level while also detoxifying your body. This makes this cannabis oil an extremely valuable medicine that can be used, and should be used more widely, to cure cancer.